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Challenging RADAR Tickets

Many speeding and reckless driving cases are developed by the use of police RADAR. These electronic devices are used to determine the speed of an approaching or departing vehicle.

Understandably, officers and state troopers are trained to use these devices according to manufacturer’s guidelines. If they are to obtain a correct speed reading, the RADAR device must be regularly calibrated and tested. If the traffic ticket case goes to trial and vehicle speed is at issue and contested, the device is not determined to be reliable unless the officer or trooper can produce proof of calibration to certify the device was calibrated as required.

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It is important to consult with a qualified Virginia traffic lawyer about your alleged traffic violation to find out what the options are in your case.

If a client is convicted of speeding or reckless driving, Brad will work with the traffic court to get the most beneficial sentencing possible during sentencing. If you have questions about your traffic ticket, or how Brad Pollack can defend your case, contact our law office for a free, immediate telephone consultation.

Restoration of Driving Privileges and Expungement

The process for restoration of driving privileges after a driver’s license suspension can involve consideration of a number of factors. Brad Pollack will prepare and present your case in the way that best demonstrates you deserve to have your driver’s license reinstated.

In some circumstances, if charges against you were dismissed, nolle prosed (set aside), or satisfied through alternative sentencing options such as community service, we can arrange to have the records of your offense sealed from public access through expungement.