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  • The support required to challenge false claims and agree upon fair negotiation terms
"Brad Pollack put an end to a 30 year old Child Support Issue in my life where countless Attorneys in past had failed me. With his expert legal help and advice I collected tens of thousands of dollars owed to me by a abusive ex-husband."Sandy M

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A divorce in Virginia is already one of the toughest experiences a person can endure. The Virginia divorce and family court system is not an easy maze to work through unless you know what to expect, or have an experienced Virginia divorce attorney on your side.

As a divorce lawyer, Brad works to minimize the cost and conflict associated with your divorce or other family legal matters that you're faced with.

Brad will look out for the best interests of your children and finances while striving to help maximize your role in your children’s lives.

My friend referred me to Brad for a child custody dispute between me and my ex. Brad was unable to take my case because of his workload but he referred me to the right person. I trust Brad because he gave me free advice and then told me who would be the person to take my case based on the situation.Kelly M.
Smart decisions now, can yield a sturdy, long-term solution and decrease the likelihood of future disputes.

Marriage Law in Virginia

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An attorney familiar with family law can assist you with a happy challenge: marriage. An alliance requires careful consideration of personal property, name changes, and more. The arena of family law Virginia looks vastly different from case to case, and with good reason.

Marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, and divorce can significantly alter the family structure. Any time the dynamics of your family changes for good or bad, it’s a reason to work with a family lawyer who understands not only the scope but also the nuances of Virginia family law.

The laws regarding how families are legally formed and taken apart are complex; a trusted legal advisor can make your journey through them more manageable.

Marriage License Laws

Marriage, including its inception, annulment, and even divorce, can be a sensitive and complicated undertaking. The laws surrounding the creation of a formal union between two people define who can get married, how their marriage can be dissolved, and who gets what.

In Virginia, opposite-sex and same-sex couples may enter into an agreement of marriage, as long as the partners are not related by the first or second degree (siblings or first cousins) and are not currently married to someone else.

Name Changes

One of the most common reasons for a name change is marriage, but people change their names for a variety of reasons, including divorce and special petitions.

In most cases, you can restore your name to what it was before the marriage. To make the change, you’ll need to fill out documentation forms and get them on file with local agencies. Some legal name changes, such as the adoption of children, require a petition before the court, and in these circumstances, your family lawyer can assist you with the filings and preparation for any hearings.

Changing your name for fraudulent purposes is illegal in Virginia.

Custody Law in Virginia

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Custodial care of children during and after a divorce can pit family members against each other when the focus should be on the care of the kids themselves.

The reason custodial care is a hot button among families is the perception of who is bested suited to look after the children and provide for their needs, not only permanently, but also for visitation.

Child Support Enforcement Laws

Failure by the custodial parent to pay child support is a legal violation in Virginia. Not honoring one’s obligations to children could result in fines, jail time, the loss of any professional licensure, real and personal property liens, and more.

Whether you supposed to receive benefits for your child, or you’re behind in making payments, get a family law attorney to intervene on your behalf.

Child Abuse Laws

Reporting child abuse is mandatory in Virginia, and any licensed worker serving the needs of children is required to report suspected abuse to authorities.

Child abuse is defined as the neglect, physical or emotional harm, abandonment, or sexual exploitation of a minor, and a Virginia family lawyer can help you determine what next steps to take, whether you have been accused of child abuse or wish to file suit against someone else.