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  • 25 years of experience representing clients in sensitive family matters
  • Assistance in weathering your divorce with as little cost and conflict as possible
  • A better understanding of the challenges you face in court
  • The education you need to prepare yourself for legal proceedings
  • The support required to challenge false claims and agree upon fair negotiation terms
“Brad Pollack put an end to a 30 year old Child Support Issue in my life where countless Attorneys in past had failed me. With his expert legal help and advice I collected tens of thousands of dollars owed to me by a abusive ex-husband.”Sandy M

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A divorce in Virginia is already one of the toughest experiences a person can endure. The Virginia divorce and family court system is not an easy maze to work through unless you know what to expect, or have an experienced Virginia divorce attorney on your side.

As a divorce lawyer, Brad works to minimize the cost and conflict associated with your divorce or other family legal matters that you're faced with.

Brad will look out for the best interests of your children and finances while striving to help maximize your role in your children’s lives.

My friend referred me to Brad for a child custody dispute between me and my ex. Brad was unable to take my case because of his workload but he referred me to the right person. I trust Brad because he gave me free advice and then told me who would be the person to take my case based on the situation.Kelly M.
Smart decisions now, can yield a sturdy, long-term solution and decrease the likelihood of future disputes.